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Nvidia Certified AI Specialist
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TRUST UAS Certified Pilot
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ORCID 0000-0003-1642-9031
About me
Howdy, I'm Mark (or '9662e103-129a'), the developer of this website and many projects. Those projects include: Project Silent Willow, my-computer-details, LineTracker, tau embedded systems, and The Delta Beta Archives. I'm currently the (only) manager and developer at tau embedded systems (a development board company). Outside of tech/engineering, I love kayaking, cycling (including mountain biking), backpacking, transmitting on HAM radio bands, and making video overviews of topics in the Pure Mathematics and Science iGCSE curriculum. (check them out here!). In the future, I'm aspiring to be either a hardware design engineer or quantum hardware design engineer.
Integrity, Authenticity, Discipline
I pretty much live by these three words (or as I like to call, laws) as I believe they create my best character and allow me to live life at its best whilst maintaining standards I associate with maturity.
Integrity - disallowing any cheating of any capacity to get a higher grade
Authenticity - disallowing any shortcuts or paths of least resistance to complete questions faster
Discipline - disallowing slack in the quality of work I produce and holding myself to a high standard
School experience
I've held two leadership roles in the past (2022-23): Student Head of Year (implementing changes for the wider school community) and Student Ambassador (giving tours to shadow students). This year, I'm holding three roles: House Captain (leading house activities and community events), Global Campus Student Lead (leading and delegating activities from Global Campus), and Weekly Bulletin updater (producing a bulletin for each week with key events and notices). Alongside my academics, I'm participating in two of my schools' teams: Matheletes and Science Olympiad however I will only be competing in Science Olympiad this year.