Welcome to The |\Delta |elta |\beta |eta |\alpha |rchives, an online resource for students wanting to get a head-start in the IB HL AA Mathematics course (whilst mixing in some pure mathematics). The content covered here follows the same pathway outlined in the Pearson Edexcel Further Pure Mathematics text book, whilst going into depth with the working theories behind these concepts!
What is Pure Mathematics?
Pure Mathematics is the study of mathematical concepts and structures that are abstract and theoretical in nature, and as such, does not have any true applications in the real world. It is distinct from Applied Mathematics, which deals with mathematical methods used in science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry.
Why use The |\Delta |elta |\beta |eta |\alpha |rchives?
This project created by me, allows you to dive into the theories of the math you will use, at the very start. Furthermore, this project is online, which of course makes it easier to access anywhere you go, and it contains interactive elements which regular textbooks lack.
So, go ahead and look around! An overview of the chapters is on your left, and any time you navigate to one, the chapters in the sidebar get replaced with section titles.