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, an online resource for students wanting to get a head-start in the IB HL AA Mathematics course (whilst mixing in some pure mathematics). The content covered here follows the same pathway outlined in the Pearson Edexcel Further Pure Mathematics text book, whilst going into depth with the working theories behind these concepts! To your left is the navbar, which contains the main chapters and subtopics for each chapter.

Although most of the End of Chapter Questions (ECQs) will be difficult, you should still try to have fun solving them. At the end of the day, pure mathematics isn't studied by hobbits in a small bungalow with a small torch and a quill...
What is Pure Mathematics?
Pure Mathematics is the study of mathematical concepts and structures that are abstract and theoretical in nature, and as such, does not have any true applications in the real world. It is distinct from Applied Mathematics, which deals with mathematical methods used in science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry.
Assumptions of Knowledge
The IB AA HL course is one of their most rigorous courses they have to offer, and pure maths also follows this (especially further pure math). By following this guide, I make the assumption that you have knowledge of higher level algebra, how to round (especially with significant figures), trigonometric functions (
sin,cos,tan,\sin, \cos, \tan,
etc...), a certain proficiency in basic numerical manupilation (multiplication and division of large numbers and decimal numbers), and higher level knowledge of changing the subject within functions. Assume all correct answers are rounded to 3 significant figures, unless stated otherwise (i.e. when explicitly asked to give your answer in surd or log form)
End of Chapter Questions (ECQs)
End of Chapter Questions are designed to let you practice some simpler problems related to the chapter at the start, but then increase in difficulty. The last 5 questions of each ECQ are the hardest. If you're not able to solve them, just skip ahead and check your answers. Besides the last 5 questions, the answer sheet will just give you the answer (without working out). The last 5 will include thorough working out and a video for each below.
View ECQ harder question walkthroughs here
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The Δelta βeta αrchivesThe \ \Delta elta \ \beta eta \ \alpha rchives